Santa T-Rex Run

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The Tyrannosaurus now wears a Santa hat to give you a festive mood. Play as a cute and cute tyrannosaurus running through the desert. It's time for your dinosaur to jump and overcome various obstacles. How many points can you score? Features: - Cool pixel picture with a tyrannosaurus in a Christmas hat. - A classic theme in shades of gray, in the entourage of the prehistoric era. Jump over different plants and cacti in your cool Christmas hat. - Easy to play, hard to master. - The background speeds up and slows down from time to time to keep you on your toes. - Responsive design with full-screen mode" Avoid the obstacles by jumping at the right time. Tap the screen, click the mouse, or tap the UP arrow to jump. Don't jump too early or too late, as you will run into obstacles. The more points you score, the higher your speed will be. Try to maintain your speed by making accurate jumps.

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2019. g. 12. dec.
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