Snowball Office Fight

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Do you want to play snowballs in the office? Hit your colleagues before they throw a snowball at you! Earn a salary for each successful roll. How accurately can you throw snowballs? A fun game in an office setting, perfect for Christmas. Features: - fun and lively graphics. A cool office where you want to work! - several colleagues to fight with. - a fascinating interactive guide. - level up with the Santa boss. - Easter Eggs: Hit the tiny Christmas mouse if you can! - energetic music Tap the screen or use the mouse to aim and throw snowballs. Watch out for the remaining snowballs, you have only 15 shots left. Click "Recharge" to upgrade your snowball supply. From time to time, Santa Claus appears. Be careful, as he has more health points than the others. Earn as many points as possible without losing all your health points.

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2019. g. 12. dec.
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