Snowball Fight

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Have you ever wanted to have a snowball fight? Now you can do it! Throw snowballs at other children. Don't forget to recharge when you run out of snowballs! Features: - Fight with different kids. - levels with bosses. Hit it once and it will come back again! - fun theme music - tasks are constantly getting more complicated. Over time, children become smarter and faster. - this game is perfect for winter holidays and Christmas. Tap the screen or use the mouse to aim and throw snowballs. Watch out for the remaining snowballs, you have only 15 shots left. Click "Recharge" to upgrade your snowball supply. From time to time, Santa Claus appears. Be careful, as he has more health points than the others. Earn as many points as possible without losing all your health points.

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2019. g. 13. dec.
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