Karate Chop Kick

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You are a young grasshopper and strive to become a karate master. For combat training, chop and beat the tree before the time runs out. How many points can you score? Features: - Interactive guide - Simple touch-based gameplay. - Unlock advanced Chuck and Sam characters. - The theme of the karate dojo and music. - This is a game for martial arts fans. If you like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, then this game will make you feel at home. Become a karate master and chop wood with your hands and feet. Tap the screen to make the character start chopping down the tree. Be careful with branches that can knock you down and take you out of the game. Tap the left and right sides of the screen to chop down a tree and avoid branches. Felling a tree updates the timer from above. Don't stay too long, otherwise you will lose as soon as the timer runs out.

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2019. g. 13. dec.