Zombie Gunpocalypse

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When the time of the zombie apocalypse comes, you and your guns are humanity's best bet! But in this game, you need to shoot accurately, and if you are smart enough, there are some useful items that will help you kill the zombies without wasting your ammo. Smart game play is the key to becoming the best zombie killer! - Zombie Gunpocalypse: You are an experienced commando and you have to destroy all the zombies that are on your way - Destroy all the zombies in each level of the game and don't let them invade the world. - The game has 20 fun levels - Single player game - Use your weapons to shoot all the zombies - Try to purchase the most coins to upgrade your weapons - When you are destroyed, you can try to pass the level again and be the best Desktop Controls Use the mouse (right-click to aim and shoot) Mobile Controls Tap on the screen to aim and shoot

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