Stupid Zombies

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One man, one shotgun, and a lot of zombies. You are the last hope of humanity, and your job is to blow their brains out. Functions: — 4 giant stages, where there are more than 360 challenging levels; — a game with an exciting zombie theme; - simple and innovative game based on the rebound mechanics. Defeat the stupid zombies with your brains and ingenuity; - realistic physics; - great zombie soundtrack. Defeat all the zombies in each level. Try to beat the record to earn 3 stars. The less ammo you spend in each round, the more points you get. Use your gun full of bouncing bullets to hit the zombies. Tap the screen to aim and shoot. You can also use blocks, bombs, and wood to fight the zombies. When passing difficult levels, you may need a good imagination, as you can not always hit the enemies directly. Try to shoot efficiently and kill multiple zombies with a single bullet.

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2020. g. 15. janv.
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