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You start with a score of 501. Choose your goals to reduce your score to zero. The player who reaches zero first wins! Functions: - meets the rules of the game with 501 points; - smart artificial intelligence; - interactive training to quickly get up to speed; - get combos by hitting different areas on the board. Aim for the double zones, rings and bullseye; - Fun and casual theme, stress-free atmosphere. Play darts anytime, anywhere. Fight against smart and challenging AI to test your skills. You will play according to the standard rules with a score of 501. Your goal is to reach zero as soon as possible. Tap the screen to aim, then swipe up and release to throw the dart. If you're not sure, swipe down to cancel the roll. Just don't wait too long, or you'll run out of time. Each part of the board corresponds to a certain number of points. In the course of training, you will understand the system of scoring points.

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2020. g. 15. janv.
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