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Aliens have arrived in your city. Your goal is to protect the city, Special Agent Briggs. Features: - Isometric graphics with a three-dimensional view; - get coins every time you destroy the aliens; - ability to buy multiple weapons. Try the machine gun, shotgun, rifle and alien pistol; — track fun stats every day — - 3 different game modes: "Survival", "Challenging Points" and "Blast" — - a learning mode where you can learn the basics; - blow up the barrels of the barrels to burn the aliens. Survive in a city full of aliens by destroying them all. Don't let your life go to 0. Choose from three game modes: "Day by Day", "Challenging Points" and "Tick-tock". Each mode has its own difficulties, thanks to which the game will become more interesting. For beginners, it is better to try the "Day by Day" mode. Aim and shoot with the mouse or by tapping on the screen. At the end of the day, you can buy upgrades with coins. Choose upgrades based on your play style.

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2020. g. 17. janv.
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