Biker Lane

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Drive your motorcycle to reach the flag. Accelerate, brake, and tilt your bike left or right to drive on challenging roads. Earn stars by completing levels in record time. This game is sure to appeal to motorcycle and X3M lovers. Features: - Use the stars to unlock cool characters like Granny Biker, Inspector Biker, Punk Biker and Pro biker; - panning function that allows you to plan your route; — play again and again to earn the most points; - energetic theme. On the computer, use the left and right arrow keys to bend forward and backward, respectively. Use the Z key to accelerate, and the X key to brake. On your mobile device, use the virtual keyboard to control it. Try to get three stars as often as possible, as they will help you unlock more characters during the game.

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2020. g. 17. janv.