Castle Siege

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"Castle Siege" is a puzzle shooter game where you need to destroy the castle's defense structures to complete each level. Destroy the foundation of the castle by shooting cannonballs. When the castle falls, the guards will be destroyed. Features: - Innovative separation mechanics. Aim your cannonball so as to divide the structure into several parts; - collect treasures to increase your score; - shoot at the right places to earn more crowns; - comedic sound effects. In this physics-based puzzle shooter, you need to destroy the guards by destroying the walls or blocks of the castle with cannonballs. The broken objects must come into direct contact with the guard to destroy it. You have a limited number of shots, so use them wisely. Try not to get into the hostages! You can also collect treasures to get extra points. To get more points and crowns, you need to hit the most strategically important places of the castle.

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2020. g. 17. janv.
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