StickMan Team Force

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A new adventure begins in Kiz10 Special teams called Stickman Team Force are recruited to bring order to a world where a high-tech organization wants to take over the streets of the world, help end the threat and become a leader. - Stickman Team Force joins the bravest and most determined team in which you will command the team. - A team of 3 brave characters will face a mob that wants to take over the streets and the whole world. - The game has 18 incredible levels - single player game - You can change the hero and thus improve your combat skills - Destroy all the angry enemies who just want to kill your team - When you are eliminated, you can reload and exceed the level Desktop Controls z or Click to Shoot c Change the hero Space in Special Mobile Controls z or Tap to shoot c Change the hero Space in Special

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2020. g. 26. jūl.