Bubble Wobble 3D

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The classic Bubble Shooter game takes you to the next level. The goal remains the same - to pop the bubbles and try to clear the playing field. What is the novelty of this game of marbles online? And you try to shoot 3 bubbles at the same time! To do this, you need to have time to click on the field again before the ball reaches the goal. Playing the new bubble shooter on your phone online is even easier. Tap 2 or 3 fingers on the screen to release a few balls. Also in this version of the arcade there are useful bonuses that will facilitate the passage of the game. In addition, after each familiar level of the bubble shooter game, a collapse follows. The point of this puzzle is to pop the bubbles by clicking on groups of 3 balls to clear the initially filled playing field. Go ahead!

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2020. g. 24. janv.