Kill The Spy

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Touch the right blocks to eliminate the spies. Use the least number of moves to earn more stars. Don't take hostages, or the mission will fail. Specifications: - Progressive physics and mechanics of the game. Aim your spy gun at various structures to break them into multiple pieces - Collect treasures to increase your score - Shoot accurately at targets to earn more stars - Spy theme and sound effects Fans of James Bond, "Men in Black" and spy detectives will definitely enjoy this game. Remove the Spy is a game that combines puzzle and shooting games in an exciting adventure with interesting and challenging levels. The goal is to destroy the spies without harming the hostages. Use your weapons to bring down buildings on spies. Aim by tapping on the exact spot where you want to shoot. Be accurate and aim carefully to destroy the enemies, spending as few bullets as possible.

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2020. g. 22. janv.