Mahjong Big

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Do you want to play MAHJONG BIG, the best and coolest mahjong solitaire game? With over 4,000 levels and fun graphics, this mahjong solitaire game is simply one of the best games of 2019. Start your mahjong tour with MAHJONG BIG and become the king of mahjong in the most famous board game. You can play MAHJONG BIG with different tiles (classic, original, east, animals, fish, panda, geometric shapes, emojis...) and different backgrounds (casual, classic, soccer field, rainbow, bloom...). There are so many levels to play and pass in this deluxe mahjong game that you can play endlessly. Your goal in this epic mahjong game is to collect as many stars as possible in each level to unlock other fun levels. You will get 1 star if you lose a level, a second star if you don't use hints, and a third star if you finish the level within a limited time.

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English, Russian
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2020. g. 3. febr.
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