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Tank Defender is an exciting game for those who love war games. Rules of the game: You control a super tank and have to defend your territory from enemy invaders! Shoot the planes and bombs until they reach the ground. You can also modify your tank with the help of items collected on the ground. Hold on as long as possible and show that you are a real tank driver. Management: PC-Keys A and D-movement, left mouse button-fire Smartphones - Touch and arrow controls The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible, destroy as many enemies as possible. The game can be played both on your computer and in tablets and smartphones, directly in the browser, without even downloading! We wish you a pleasant game!

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Управление: ПК - Клавиши A и D - движение, левая кнопка мыши - огонь Смартфоны - Управление касанием и стрелками Цель игры: Набрать как можно больше очков, уничтожить как можно больше врагов. В игру можно играть как на компьютере, так и в планшетах, и смартфонах, прямо в браузере, даже не скачивая! Желаем приятной игры!

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