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The game "Blocky World" is perfect for lovers of construction and survival! After another zombie invasion and several devastating wars, the world of Minecraft must be reborn again and only a real hero can help him. You, as always, play as a person trapped in this blocky world, where he will have to survive among many dangers and difficulties. The game has only two modes: survival and free play. In survival mode, your character has a limited supply of life, which constantly needs to be replenished with food. During the day, you can explore the area and build a variety of buildings. At night, a burning torch or flashlight will help you continue building from the blocks. There are only 9 types of blocks available to choose from, including: grass, soil, stone, and even doors to enter the house. You can build whatever you want, as long as you don't run out of fantasy. In the free-play mode, the blocky world offers you complete freedom of action.

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