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Join the exciting adventure with your friends and millions of other players around the world! Build the best village and discover dozens of new worlds! Stack millions of COINS, attack enemy villages, and steal their gold! * Every spin is a win! Spin a bountiful slot, earn tons of coins, and build your kingdom! Win every day in the Wheel of Fortune and in various events! * Crush your opponent! Attack villages or raid them - all the methods are good for getting more coins! There's a powerful dynamite in your arsenal. Thus, every attack is bound to make a BOOM! * Amazing journey Move from one village to another! There's a whole world to discover — from hot Africa to icy Antarctica! * Complete card sets! Collect various collection cards to earn even more prizes! Trade the cards with the community! * Collect and upgrade your Pets! Take care of several animals who will help you in your journeys. Feed and upgrade them to get more benefits! * Play with friends online!

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The main goal is to build as many villages as you can. Money for village upgrading you receive by spinning the slot machine. You may also attack and raid other players' villages.

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English, Russian
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2020. g. 5. marts
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